Your specialist for technical adhesive tapes, toll-coating of films, slitting and kiss-cutting

Helping customers reach the top of their game by differentiation and faster market entry is a focus at CMC Klebetechnik. Fundamental to this is the company's continuous development as a provider of customized coated foils manufactured on first-class coating-machines and custom kiss-cut parts manufactured on state-of-art die-cutting machines.

The level of our services is up to the choice of the customer. Experience of more than 50 years is our basis to work out solutions on a high level of both quality and efficiency.

In addition we keep a large programm of standard adhesive tapes on stock used in a wide field of application all over the different industries.


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Thursday, 04. February 2016

Everything insulated - insulation foils for power supply manufacturers

[Translate to englisch:] Gehäusebestandteile aus Formex

Today more than ever, manufacturers and users of power supplies see themselves faced with requirements that are beyond...  [more ...]

Tuesday, 28. October 2014

Thermal Management of Battery Packs

[Translate to englisch:] Wärmemanagement von LION-Battery-Packs

Electric vehicles are still a rarity on German roads. But this is about to change considerably in the coming years....  [more ...]

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