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Custom coating by CMC

CMC Klebetechnik Germany works hand-in-hand with customers to develop unique, high-end coating solutions that meet OEM needs. In a market of interchangeable products a differentiation only by the price becomes more and more difficult.

As a core competency of our organization, we can design, produce and deliver unique items that help our customers capture market share. Driven by the ideas of our customers we meanwhile produce for nearly every industry specific solutions based on our extremely flexible coating machines and the experience of more than four decades of coating.

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CMC coating technology is a strong and competent partner for the design and implementation of customer-specific solutions. We understand your requirements and translate these professionally realise to products and processes. For you this means professional coating solutions from a single source.

Although there are many combinations of film, fabric or paper with (adhesive) coatings on the market, an individual solution can decisively contribute to whether a product is successful on the market or can be manufactured at all. The optimal matching of a product to the technology required for its further processing reduces costs and therefore constitutes an important competitive advantage for your company.
Because in a market with comparable products, in Europe gaining an advantage over the competition only in terms of price is successful less and less often.
The potential uses for solvent and dispersion adhesives and the flexible, low-setup-cost coating systems open up many more possibilities than with a specialised coater, as these can produce optimally but usually only two or three products.

Reasons for out-sourcing

  • No in-house development capacity
  • Overcoming bottlenecks
  • Focus of competence lies somewhere else
  • No competitive situation (other customers, other markets, other technologies)
  • System technology not available or unsuitable
  • Concentration on one's own core competence

With our different coating facilities and our decades of experience we offer interested customers wide-ranging possibilities for the realisation of customer-specific solutions. And it is immaterial whether you produce a new film with a standard coating or apply a new coating compound to a film provided. Our Development Department will support you with the formulation of the coating compound (our possibilities are not limited to a simple "adhesive" order).

In order to obtain optimal conditions for the first test coating, the first development steps can be investigated on a pilot system before commencing serial production.
The consequent further development of the production technology and the technical periphery makes it possible today to coat nearly any film-type material on the coating facilities. So it doesn't always have to be an adhesive which is applied.


In the film and adhesive tape industry very large quantities are frequently produced. One reason for this is the often very high investment costs for the production facilities. In this case, only mass production can cover the initial costs and the running costs.
However, companies specialised in the cost-effective production of large quantities mostly set store by only one or two products. And these then have to run day and night, if possible seven days a week.

With CMC coating technology this is different. The coating facilities are far slower than high-output coaters, which apply up to 1000m per minute. Yet, if we examine the requirement for Teflon® film, for example, it becomes clear that such a high-output coater is unsuited for this material:

High-output coaters coat very fast on systems which are as long as possible. This can mean that while driving in the facility a large quantity of material is already applied with incorrect settings. Furthermore, thousands of square metres are very quickly coated.

But the requirement for such expensive films as Teflon® is not of the order of magnitude of "thousands of square metres". So, after a short time another product must be produced. Specialised facilities are not designed for this. The setup times can be very long and therefore drive up costs.

CMC coating technology coats exactly in the areas which large coaters cannot cover. Production batches of around 500m² to several thousand square metres are usual. In the cross-fire between coating speed and setup effort, this achieves optimal balance and therefore optimal pricing.

CMC coating technology has two systems for solvent-based coating compounds, one of these up to 1,900mm wide. Between approximately 10µm and 1000µm compound can be applied, while normally up to around 150µm dry is sufficient.
Thus, it is no surprise that since 2009 more and more companies are seeking outsourced coating. Competitors are also shifting small production volumes of a few thousand square metres from their large facility to the more flexible and more cost-effective coating facilities of CMC coating technology.

By contrast with coaters specialised in only a few products, CMC coating technology has very extensive experience with different materials and applications. The many interested companies benefit from this knowledge.
Whether for special constructions in battery or fuel cell technology, medicine, constructions in the aviation industry or in safety engineering: All applications have their specific requirements which must be translated to the right blank films and coatings.

Class and not mass is therefore not meant in the sense that mass is bad. Far more, it describes the field of activity of CMC coating technology. Solving problems with small and middle-sized requirements and special requirements for the performance and individuality of the product.

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