Thermal conductive insulation made from Kapton MT

A general rule says that a temperature increase of 10°C divides the average life of a part in half!

Switch-mode power supplies, electronic loads, power LED’s, motor control units, solenoid valves, electronic relays, frequency inverters and power capacitors – all this equipment has one thing in common: large electric currents are flowing and create heat loss.

The aim of all measures of the thermal management must be a most effective heat dissipation of the heat loss from the semiconductor material to the environment and thus also a life extension of the equipment or part.

CMC Klebetechnik offers a wide range of thermoconducting electrical insulation foils which are used for galvanic isolation in the power electronics.
The production programme has been supplemented with thermoconducting silicon foils and so-called gap fillers.
These products are capable to adapt better to uneven surfaces as the relatively stiff Kapton MT foils. Thereby, the heat transfer is improved drastically by a transfer from one surfache to the next.

The silicon foils are available in different thicknesses, in a wide hardness range and with different thermal conductivity. Thus an adaptation to the particular installation situation such as the contact pressure or the distance which has to be bridged is possible.
Especially for the thermal connection of complete circuit boards and very uneven surfaces gap fillers are suitable. These gap fillers bridge gaps up to 8mm width and flow excellently into the gaps between the parts. In this way you reach a much larger, thermoconducting contact surface as with the use of stiff material.

All products have a good electrical insulation capability and are mechanically strengthened by glass fabric inserts (except for some gap fillers).
 Due to an adhesive application, the material can be fixed already in the pre-assembly in a very simple manner.
Since thermoconducting insulations are usually processed as stamping parts, CMC Klebetechnik of course offers the possibility to punch and to assemble the material customer-specifically.

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Kapton MT-Foil, 50 µm  (Polyimid filled with AL2O3), UL 94 VTM-0, on special request also available in 25 µm and 75 µm    


1.) adhesive *) 2.) wax 1.) adhesive *)1.) adhesive *) 2.) adhesive *)

Thickness total


Operating temperature
breakdown voltage plate to plate)
specific resistance
(at 180°C) 




Kapton® MT foil consist of a flexible, cold-flow resistant polyimid film of high tenacity and rupturing strength. It is offered with different coatings for e.g. easy attaching to surfaces by adhesive. Over 55°C the copolymer-wax begins to flow  and avoids air cavities in the event of unevenness of the cooling element. Optimal insulation and very good thermal conductivity (0,35W/mK). The Kapton® MT-foil meets UL 94 VTM-0.                                  *) non-corrosive   

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