Films for Architectural use and Greenhouses

ETFE-roofs - successful since many years
ETFE-roofs - successful since many years

In place of glass, ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is often used to form pneumatic structures of "cushions". These constructions can be used for roofs or other architectural structures. Main advantage is the much lower weight compared with glass.
The ETFE is a modified copolymer which is extruded into a thin film. The material is anti-static, self-cleaning and easily repairable (using ETFE tape CMC 77700 in the event of puncture). The material is unaffected by UV light, atmospheric pollution or weathering and extensive testing has shown an anticipated life expectancy in excess of 40 years (used e.g. for green houses). The material is not burning an recyclable.

The panels are formed from multiple layers of ETFE. The foil is extremely thin: each layer is between 50 and 200 µm thick, giving very high levels of light transmission in both the visible (94-97%) and ultraviolet range (83-88%). Together with light weight perimeter frames it is easily possible to have buildings with an appearance as if the construction is made of not much more than just air.

In case of damage of the foil it is not easy to find a tape that can be attached to the antiadhesive surface of ETFE. But CMC Klebetechnik offers a tape called CMC 77700 (NOWOFOL ET - film) that sticks very good to the surface. It consists of the same material as the "cushions" and offers similar properties. The adhesive in use is also durable and UV-resistant. The adhesive tape CMC 77700 is available in all width between 10 mm and 900 mm and in a length of 5 m to 500 m (standard: 500 mm x 66 m). The film used for the tape has a thickness of 0,100 mm (2 mils). Other thicknesses on request (e.g. 250µm).


77700ETFE100µmUV stable, aging resistant, weather resistant, very high end adhesive tape for outdoor applications and greenhouses
77701ETFE100µmUV stable, aging resistant, weather resistant, very high end adhesive tape for outdoor applications and greenhouses, additional protective liner allows easy cutting with scissors and knifes before usage
77703ETFE100µmexperimental double sided adhesive tape, like above very aging stable - minimum order qty. 300 sqm due to depending on project business


CMC 77700 can be also named an "all weather repair tape" for greenhouses. The high quality Polysiloxane adhesive has a similar durability as the film itself (approx. 15-20 years) and does not yellowing. It can be used as a repair tape for e.g. small glass cracks, tears and holes in films - either on the inside or outside of the greenhouse. Often this tape is also used to reinforce grenhouse films in case of e.g. abrasion load.

The main advantages of using ETFE films

1. Self-cleaning surface (no complicated cleaning devices)
2. High transparency> 92%, for ultraviolet light (positive for plants and humans)
3. Lightweight, therefore no heavy substructures necessary copaired with glass
4. Good thermal insulation by the air cushion between the sheets when using dual or triple ETFE film membrane constructions
5. Good acoustic properties as the soft film does not form a hard reflective surfaces and that is why there are no disturbing echoes in the room
6. Non combustible film, which melts in the event of fire to carry on without the fire.
7. Mechanically very forgiving material with good elasticity and tear-resistance and low further tearing
8. Can thermoformed and are thermowelded
9.  Extremely high resistance to UV, weathering, chemicals and high or low temperatures
10. Other than glass ETFE foils follows subsequent deformations in construction
12. Low smoke, low toxicity in case of fire
13. Better mechanical resistance (pressure, tension) as PTFE
14. Bondings with the tapes CMC 77700, CMC 77701 and CMC 77703 are also under water resistant (bonding in the dry state)
15. Selt adhesive ETFE films are excellent, easy to clean and very chemical resistant protective surfaces
15. ETFE tapes of CMC Klebetechnik are ideally suited to stick on ETFE films. Good adhesive strength, no danger of infiltration and high transparency are guaranteed.


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