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Excellent adhesion - easy to use: Splicing-tapes for films and papers

In the paper- and film industry it is always important to make rolled products endlessly. These adhesive tapes are also called "splicing tape", "approach tape" or "splice tape". For simple purposes usually rubber- or acrylic adhesive coated tapes are enough.

But siliconized foils or silicone paper can not be spliced with it. The mentioned adhesives don't stick on these surfaces sufficiently.

The tapes CMC 10730, CMC 10976, and above all the one-sided adhesive tape CMC 10617 are ideal for glueing siliconized surfaces. The polysiloxane adhesion sticks excellently on the  siliconisations and yield the necessary good, strong adhesive bond for a splice.

Application  CMC-LinerColourThickness with/without adhesiveKind of adhesiveProperties
10617 datasheetPolyesterred green blue trans.  0,023mmn / 0,068mm  PS (Polysiloxane)Bonds to siliconized surfaces and therefore often used for splicing of siliconized films. The red color e.g. guarentees a clear visibility of the joins. Bonds also to silicone rubber.
30823 datasheetPolyestertrans.0,023 / 0,065PS Excellent good adhesive strength to siliconized surfaces of siliconized papers and plastic films. Backside of liner is siliconized so that the siliconized area stays uninterrupted
10730 datasheetPolyestertrans.0,023mm / 0,110mmPSDouble-side coated Tape with excellent good adhesive strength to siliconized surfaces of siliconized papers and plastic films. Can be used to make silicone profiles self-adhesive.

Because of a special combination of adhesives the initial adhesive strength is very good. Nevertheless the adhesive needs around 12 hours to reach the final bonding strength! Standard width is 38mm and 50mm, length 66m (CMC 10730: 33m). Other dimensions can be made on customer demand.

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