Adhesive metal tapes

Technical adhesive tapes for special applications.

Adhesive metal tapes of tear-proof copper or aluminium foil and high-adhesion acrylate adhesives are used for many different applications. These include reflectors for heat radiation, screening of housings (EMC), bindings for pipes or as removable masking tapes for powder coating systems. Simple point-to-point connections can be produced with electrically conductive adhesive (e.g. as ground)

CMC typeBase materialColourThickness of the backing material mmTotal thickness in mmAdhesive typeProperties and applications
90100Soft aluminiumsilver0,0500,080AReflection foil, vapour barrier, useful EMC protection foil
90767Soft aluminiumsilver0,0500,080AAluminium foil with electrically conductive adhesive as useful EMC protection foil
91100Soft coppercopper0,0300,055AScreening of all kinds, other screening tapes, also insulated, available on request
91743Soft coppercopper0,0300,055ACopper foil with electrically conductive adhesive, screening of all kinds, conductive adhesive for simple contact with substrate, ideal as conductive tape
91805Soft coppercopper0,0300,075ADouble-sided adhesive copper foil with electrically conductive adhesive, for electrical and mechanical connections
91815Soft copper, tin plated on both sidessilver0,0350,055ATin plating for easily soldered, corrosion-proof adhesive copper tape with electrically conductive adhesive for screening and contacts of all kinds
90150Soft aluminiumsilver0,0500,110PSFoil with high-temperature proof adhesive, e.g. for powder-coating processes


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