Exceptional Products

The excellent characteristics of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PETF) include very high chemical resistance, together with high temperature resistance and excellent dielectric strength (also for corona discharging). The very smooth, repellent, dehesive surface means these foils are also used as separating foils in mould construction. Also suitable for use as gliding foils to reduce friction resistance between gliding surfaces.


CMCBase materialColourThickness of backing material mmTotal thickness mmAdhesive typeProperties and applications
75100PTFEgrey  0,1000,130AChemical-resistant foil for sealing and as anti-adhesion surface, good corona resistance (insulation)
76700PTFE, glass cloth reinforcedgrey0,1300,160PSTear-proof PTFE foil for gliding surfaces exposed to higher mechanical loads or higher temperatures
77700Hostaflon® ET (ETFE)transparent0,1000,160PSRepair foil for foil roofs. Greatest possible UV resistance, excellent weather resistance, highly transparent, repellent surface


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