Doublesided tapes for different applications

CMC typedescribtioncolorthickness of layertotal thicknessapplication
10170polyester with acrylic adhesiveyellow0,023mm0,090mmUsed as an adhesive for even surfaces.
10718polyester with acrylic adhesivecolour-less 0,023mm0,115mmUsed as an adhesive for rough surfaces. Thanks to the foil which the adhesive is applied to the product can be easily die-cut
10730polyester with polysiloxane adhesivecolour-less0,023mm0,170mmSplicing of siliconized surfaces. Used to make silicon rubber adhesive to metal (e.g., used for heated, frost-free rearview mirrors in cars, casings).
70752Kapton®-layer with high temp. resistant adhesivebrown0,025mm0,125mmUsed to tape silicon rubber to metal (e.g., used for heated, frost-free rearview mirrors in cars). Can be used for short periods at temperatures up to 350 degrees centigrade.
80808fleece with acrylic adhesivwhite 0,130mmLow cost economy grade double sided tissue tape. Gives good general purpose performance on many surfacesUsed as an adhesive for very rough surfaces. Thanks to the very strong adhesive used permanent adhesion takes place very quickly.
15100transfer adhesive film on silicon papertransparent0,05mm-Economically priced permanent transfer tape for general purpose. Easily die-cuttable.

Additional special types of adhesive tapes:

CMC Typedescribtioncolorthickness of layertotal thicknessapplication
10617polyester with polysiloxane adhesivered, green or blue0,023mm (or 0,050mm)0,065mmBonds to siliconized surfaces and therefore often used for splicing of siliconized films. The red color quarentees a clear visibility of te join
30823polyester with polysiloxane adhesivecolor-less0,023mm0,070mmSplicing of siliconized surfaces, the tape has a thin silicon coating. Use of our product allows the continuous silicon layer to be maintained at the splice point
75100PTFE (PTFE®) with arcylic adhesivegrey0,100mm0,130mmfor insulations which require good resistance to high temperature and chemicals

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