Pre-insulated copperfoils for shielding and winding

Laminated foil strip conductors

Laminated foil strip conductors

Screening tapes with partial or full insulation are used for static screening in transformers or as windings "wires" with optimal use of available space for high efficent transformers.

Copper thickness 0.030mm to 0.400mm possible (upon inquiry up to 1mm). The technical values of the insulation foils correspond to the data in our catalogue. All version are UL-certified (E93622).

Some of the main advantages:

  • Reduces the necessary cross section of copper because of optimal shape in comparison to round wires.
  • Ease of getting admittance for a winding construction due to the optimal safey
  • UL listed materials for class B, F and H available
  • Reduced skin-effect (high amp and high frequency), much more reliable due to reduction of vibration, interlayer-potential differenz, better thermal conductivity and higher ampacity.
  • Prevents danger of short circuit between pimary and secondary windings


Importaint hints on handling of CMC38xxx series material

1-/2- side insulation foil
CMC 38181CMC 38281CMC 38381CMC 38481single insulation
very thin insulation
CMC 38191CMC 38291CMC 38391CMC 38491

single insulation
partial wrap

CMC 38182CMC 38282CMC 38382CMC 38482single insulation
full wrap
CMC 38190CMC 38290CMC 38390CMC 38490single insulation
partial wrap
CMC 38193CMC 38293CMC 38393CMC 38493double insulation
partial wrap
CMC 38192CMC 38292CMC 38392CMC 38492single insulation
full wrap
CMC 38194CMC 38294CMC 38394CMC 38494double insulation
full wrap


  • CMC 38x81 backed conductor
    Metal foil is laminated together with an insulation layer.
  • CMC 38x90 cuffed conductor
    The insulation layer is folded around the metal foil material, leaving an open area on one side (soldering cleft). Very easy soldering of wires to the metal foil
  • CMC 38x94 enclosed cuffed conductor
    Completely closed by folding the insulation layer around the copper with a small area of overlapping
  • CMC 38x82 enclosed backed conductor
    Totally enclosed by a film layer on each side (overlapping of insulation layers min. 1mm)

Advantages of flat winding conductors

  • Considerable lower skin effect below 100 kHz
  • Well conductivity in comparison to the needed space
  • Flat inductive reactance between 5 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Highest power density. Due to the flat shape it is possible to wind e.g. inductores with a high winding tension and a low ratio of ?lost volume? compaired to standard wire-wound coils. Together with the low skin-effect and the good conductivity it is possible to have a much higher power - density (ratio of conductor cross area to totally needed cross-section)
  • low mechanical vibration caused by e.g. AC-currents at 50/60 Hz or frequencies under 10.000 Hz

All version UL-recognized E93622

All tapes comply with the RoHS and WEEE guidelines!
For foil wound transformers, inductors, chokes, reactors, buck inductors etc.

Transformers can be insulating or isolating transformers. These terms are used to describe the "electrical isolation" of the primary and secondary windings, or insulation between the two. Often an electrostatic copper shield (CMC38xxx) provides a safety factor preventing accidental contact between windings under faulty conditions. The insulated copper film inductors are also called Cuffed Conductor, Enclosed Backend Conductor, Backend Conductor, Jacketed Conductor, Enclosed Cuffed Conductor, Sandwiched Conductors. Used for foil wound welding trasformers, foil wound high frequency coils with strip foil conductors, or chokes, reactors and buck inductors.

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