Adhesive polyester tapes for Thermal Class B (130°C)

Isoleriklebebänder für Transformatoren, Übertrager und Spulen von CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

Adhesive tapes complying with IEC 60454 (UL510) are produced with an adequate adhesive for electrical applications. These adhesive tapes withstand temperatures from ca. -20°C up to +130°C continuous operation temperature. Many of the high class insulation tapes like Mylar® tapes, Hostaphan® adhesive tapes, Polyesterfleece adhesive tapes or Glasscloth-laminates are UL-listet (UL E93622).

We slit these rolls from 1 mm up to 1000 mm in and width customers need. Length of the rolls is 50/66m (as an standard) or longer. From all of the adhesive tapes we also produce die-cut parts.

CMC TypeBase MaterialColourThickness in mm (with / without adhesive)AdhesivePropertiesApplications 

General purpose:

10966 UL-recogn.

Polyesteryellow / brown / red / transparent / blue and WHITE0,0230,065AWHStandardproduct for many general application. Very good adhesive strength, good resistance against resins and varnishesInterwinding or ground insulation, final binding of coils
10160  UL-recogn. 10165Polyesteryellow / transparent0,023    0,0500,055    0,085AWHGood adhesion, also for small coils, excellently compatible with all usual commercial impregnating resinsCoil bindings for electric motors, phase and end winding insulation covering coil end edges, identification and insulation in one step
10170Polyesteryellow0,0230,090 *AWHGood adhesion on a variety of materialsFitting and insulating conductor rails
10240Polyesteryellow / transparent0,0360,070AWHVery strong polyester tape with high initial adhesive strength. Thicker insulating film causes improved dielectric strengthTraction relief and interlayer insulation
10260  UL-recogn.Polyesterbeige0,0230,065KWBSoft adhesive, excellent adhesion on thin wires, good compatibility with impregnating agentsAutomatic processing facilitated by smooth withdrawal from roll 
10262Polyester, fringedwhite0,0230,050AWHOffers greater security because of its fringing on both edges which ensures complete insulation of the spools endsCore and interlayer insulation, automatic processing
10300  UL-recogn.Polyesteryellow0,0230,055AWHSurface can be printed on for better marking of coils etc., smooth withdrawal from rollCoil insulation combined with marking and company advertising, end insulation for cast-resin capacitors

CMC Type
Base Material
Thickness in mm

Adhesive shrinkable polyester tapes       
11766Polyester shrinkable foiltransparent*0,0300,055AWHShrinkage by thermal effect, good resistance to solvents; adhesive side can be printed onOuter insulation of electrolytic capacitors; inductance coils, components
Adhesive polyester / polyester fleece tapes       
16100  UL-recogn.Laminate polyester / polyester fleecewhite0,0600,130KSPolyester fleece has good cushioning effect, improved tear strengthPhase insulation, end bindings
16700  UL-recogn.Laminate polyester / polyester fleecewhite0,1500,230KSLike 16100, but thicker, improved mechanical stability and increased dielectric strengthInsulating solder points, end bindings
Adhesive polyester / glass cloth tapes       
17713Laminate polyester / glass clothtransparent0,1400,240AWHExtremely tear - resistant tape with good cushioning properties, flexible, withstands short periods of high temperature thanks to the glass cloth; good initial adhesive strength also on uneven surfacesTear- and impact-resistant bindings for motors and transformers, mechanical protection at wire edges and uneven points
Adhesive polyester / crêpe paper tapes
18100  UL-recogn.Laminate polyester / impregnated crêpe paperchamois0,2000,265KSHigh dielectric strength due to the polyester foil, extremely tear and impact-resistant, good absorption of impregnating agents, high adhesive strengthMotor and transformer industry, covering soldering and welding points, end winding band

* Double-faced adhesive tape.
The CMC-tape range offers the answer to most electrical insulation requirements - test it!

All tapes comply with the RoHS and WEEE guidelines.

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