Adhesive tapes for Thermal Class H (180°C)

Adhesive tapes complying with IEC 60454 (UL510) are produced with an adequate adhesive for electrical applications. These adhesive tapes withstand temperatures from ca. -40°C up to +180°C continuous operation temperature. Many of the high class insulation tapes like Nomex® tapes, Kapton® adhesive tapes or Glasscloth-adhesive tapes are UL-listet (UL E93622).

We slit these rolls from 1 mm up to 1000 mm in and width customers need. Length of the rolls is 50/66m (as an standard) or longer. From all of the adhesive tapes we also produce die-cut parts.

Further Information about the films used you can find here.

CMC Type
Base Material
Thickness in mm
Adhesive polyaramide / Nomex® E56A / 411 tapes       
65758Polyaramide / Nomex® E56Achamois0,1800,225AWHElastic adhesive Nomex® good impregnating agent absorptionGenerator, motor and transformer industry
Adhesive Kapton® tapes       
70100 70105 UL-recogn. Polyimide film Kapton®brown0,025 0,0500,055 0,080AWHHigh dielectric strength, good mechanical properties even at high and low temperaturesSpace-saving insulation in the high-temperature range; maximum insulation reserves for occasional overloads
70110 UL-recogn. 70115Polyimide film Kapton®brown0,025   0,0500,065   0,100PSLike 70100, but with polysiloxane adhesive, which remains flexible even under extreme conditionsAircraft and aerospace industry, masking in soldering bath and as masking tape for powder coating
Adhesive glass cloth tapes       
84150 UL-recogn.Glass clothwhite0,1200,180PSPolysiloxane adhesive for use at higher temperaturesTransformer and motor industry
Adhesive metal tapes       
90100Soft aluminiumoriginal0,0500,080AWHGood adhesion on almost all types of materialsReflecting tape, contact tape, masking tape for electroplating, vapour barrier
Special products       
75100PTFE  Teflongrey0,1000,130AWHSoft, flexible tape, easy handling in spite of relatively thick foil, non-stick back For insulations which require good resistance to high temperatures and chemicals; can be used as dehesive material
91100 91743 91815Soft copperoriginal silver0,035 0,0370,065AWHCan be soldered Conductive adhesive double-side tinnedAll types of screening; other screening tapes, also e.g. insulated, are available upon request

All tapes comply with the RoHS and WEEE guidelines

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