Insulation for round solutions

Isolierhülsen von CMC Klebetechnik

Sometimes you need a special kind of insulation to insulate something quickly and reliably. Coloprint tech-films GmbH’s product range offers insulation sleeves: round solutions for all-round insulation tasks.

Different to heatshrink tubes these insulation sleeves are characterized by a high mechanical stability. Furthermore they have an excellent cut resistance.

Due to the two- and three-layer structure, you can achieve an outstanding, standardized electrical voltage capability.

The insulation tubes are manufactured by spiral-shaped bonding of individual layers. With the three-layered structure it is ensured that always two layers of insulation material are existing at the joints. Due to an extremely precise manufacturing tight tolerances can be achieved. For insulation tubes are mostly used where conventional insulation tubes reach their limits.

The insulating tubes are made of UL-listed materials such as Mylar, Nomex and Kapton. Thus they cover the entire temperature range from E to H and designers can therefore also use them in high performance engines or transformers.

As a special feature there are also versions which are adjusted as shrinking. They can be shrunk for example by using hot air and then enclose reliably and with very well-defined thickness the area to be insulated. Because due to the film structure the material thickness is not reduced at joints compared to polyolefins hoses.

Applications for such sleeves are very diverse. And not always of an electrical nature.

Thus, the sleeves can also be used as thermal protection, as protection against aggressive chemicals or in medical technology as particularly inert and easy to clean surfaces (fluoropolymers).

However, in most cases the sleeves are used as electrical insulation and mechanical protection in electric motors and transformers. Due to the additional option of color coding the cable end sleeves at 3-phase motors for example can be marked accordingly. But also the poles of battery packs can be marked accordingly for protection against reverse polarity. Or sensor electronics must be placed in (round) housings at very tight tolerances and insulated reliably. Also windings above core disposals in transformers are protected by such sleeves from mechanical injuries.

The Nomex, Kapton or Mylar sleeves are manufactured with diameters from 1.6 mm to 210 mm and lengths of a few millimeters to 1,000 mm. In this case the wall thickness can be only 0.023 mm or alternatively 2.0 mm depending on the material. The diversity of options corresponds to the diversity of application possibilities.

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