Hostaphan® polyester foils

Hostaphan® is a family of PET foils by Mitsubishi.

Hostaphan® polyester has very good properties in terms of mechanical stability, dielectric strength, abrasion and heat stability. The foils can be delivered highly transparent or, for example, dyed white or black. They have good barrier properties and are chemically very stable. Hostaphan® foils are available in many specific versions.

Hostaphan® foils are used in the temperature range from -70°C up to 150°C. Since they contain no plasticizers, they don't become brittle or fragile with ageing under normal conditions.

Hostaphan® polyester has excellent electrical insulating properties 
Hostaphan® polyester can be used up to 130°C continuous temperature as insulation 
Hostaphan® is used in the printing industry as age-resistant, high-quality printing foil

Hostaphan® polyester can be used as a carrier foil for flexible, printed circuits 
Hostaphan® polyester is resistant to fungi and bacteria 
Hostaphan® polyester is very resistant to impregnating resins and grouts

Biaxially oriented foils by Mitsubishi are produced in many different versions. In part, adhesive surfaces, sealable versions or e. g.  functionalized coatings are available. The foils are made ​​in a very narrow tolerance range and can even be partly used in the food and medical industries.

Hostaphan® RN the standard polyester foil by Mitsubishi
Hostaphan® RF is a flame-retardant 50 millimicron PET foil (UL94 V0)
Hostaphan® RUF a flame-retardant and UV-resistant foil (19 μm)
Hostaphan® RUV particularly UV-stable Hostaphan® foil
Hostaphan® WN white, translucent foil
Hostaphan® WO white, opaque foil

Not all versions are available from stock and are subject to certain minimum quantities. Hostaphan® RN is available in thicknesses of 23 μm, ​​36 μm, 50 μm, 100 μm, 190μm , 350μm and 250 μm, and is normally available from stock .  

Hostaphan® is the registered trade name for polyester foil by Mitsubishi.




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