Kapton® foils by DuPont

In the group of high-performance foils, Kapton® by DuPont certainly belongs to the top. This premium polyimide foil has been manufactured for more than 40 years. Highest quality, accuracy and best chemical, physical and thermal properties characterize the Kapton® foils.

Unlike cheaper produced polyimide foils, Kapton® has the highest temperature resistance, which is also confirmed by UL ( E39505 ). For some polyimide foils have only the classification for 130°C (class B).

Overview of the advantages:

    Kapton® can be used up to 400°C on a short-term basis (e.g. power reserve in case of overload )
    Kapton® is permanently usable from - 268°C up to +240°C (RTI)
    Kapton® is classified according to UL 94 with V0 ( flame retardant and self-extinguishing)
    Kapton® has excellent chemical resistance and constant mechanical properties in most areas
    Kapton® has a very good dielectric strength even at high temperatures
    Kapton® is available in many different designs for different applications

Kapton® certainly doesn't belong to the most reasonable foils. However, the high temperature resistance, coupled with high-performance adhesives for up to 350°C (short-termed) makes the product interesting for high temperature applications. The sercvice-life of a device can be drastically increased with the usage of Kapton® adhesive tapes.

A significant advantage for the customer are the many different versions of Kapton®. They connect additional, specific features to the already excellent properties of the polyimide foil, thus allowing a better adjustment to the particular requirements:

    Kapton® HN - the standard version by DuPont
    Kapton® MT - thermoconductive but electrically insulating
    Kapton® CR - extremely improved resistance to corona discharges (PD)
    Kapton® BCLY - yellow colored foil for high-temperature labels
    Kapton® FWR - better hydrolytically resistant Kapton foils
    Kapton® B - black colored Kapton foil, electrically insulating
    Kapton® FN - one or two-sided, with FEP coated foil for wire insulation (thermoplastic bonding)
    Kapton® XP - one or two-sided, with PFA coated foil for wire insulation (thermoplastic bonding)
    Kapton® HPP -ST - improved mechanical stability, surface treatment
    Kapton® RS - electrically conductive Kapton foil with excellent thermal properties

CMC Klebetechnik delivers adhesive tapes, laminates, die-cut parts and rolls from the versions listed above (some Kapton® versions are available only on request and with minimum quantities).



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