Nomex® Aramidpaper

Nomex® by DuPont is a synthetic, aromatic polyamide polymer with excellent properties.

Manufactured in a complex paper-based procedure with two different types of fibre (flakes and fibrids), Nomex® brings along excellent chemical, mechanical and electrical resistance.

Especially with transformers, generators, motors and other electrical equipment, Nomex® allows (usually together with impregnating resins) a very durable equipped isolation with considerable power reserves.

Overview of the advantages:

    Nomex® has a very good dielectric strength, even without impregnation
    Nomex® posesses a good mechanical strength in condensed form
    Nomex® allows continuous application up to 220°C without loss of its positive characteristics (at least 10 years), for this reason a higher power density and a longer service life are possible
    Nomex® is corona resistant
    Nomex® can be used in low temperature applications to almost 0°C
    Nomex® keeps its dielectric strength even at high humidity
    Nomex® is highly resistant to many solvents, acids and alkalis
    Nomex® can be soaked and saturated very well due to its paper structure
    Nomex® is in many cases flame retardant and self-extinguishing (V0) in accordance to UL94
    Nomex® is used with a great number of insulation systems as a basic isolation and is UL listed (E34739)

Nomex® by DuPont has, even after 40 years on the market, the best possible combination of properties of thermal, chemical and electrical resistance. Today there are other, similar products on the market, but each of them brings specific disadvantages.

DuPont holds a great number of specialized products in stock, to allow adjustments to the  application requirements in question.

    Nomex® 410 – basic version, heavily calendered for good electrical and mechanical properties (available from 0,05 mm to 0,350 mm)
    Nomex® 411 - non-calendered Nomex® 410 for better absorption of  impregnating agents, padding effect
    Nomex® 418 - mica-filled version for highly improved corona resistance and dielectric strength
    Nomex® E56A - relatively light and therefore less costly alternative to Nomex® 410 for economical use
    Nomex® N196 - improved capillary action for faster and more reliable impregnation

CMC Klebetechnik delivers many versions of adhesive tapes, laminates, die-cut parts and rolls listed above (some Nomex® versions are available only on request and with minimum quantities).

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