Teonex® - a foil between Mylar® and Kapton®

If one looks for a foil, that has a higher classification as a Class B (130°C) temperature resistance, an excellent dielectric strength and exceptional good mechanical properties, one will quickly find out, that Kapton® could be right. But the high price of this Kapton® foil correlates with its exceptional properties, which aren't needed in many cases.

Teonex® by Teijin DuPont meets many of the requirements in the isolation area with a far more moderate price-performance ratio. The polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) foil is mechanically usable up to 160°C (180°C electrically) and has a higher mechanical stability as "normal" PET foil.

Overview of the advantages:

    Teonex ® has a four-fold higher resistance to hydrolysis (degradation by moisture)
    Teonex ® posesses a glass transition temperature of 155°C (class F usage is possible)
    Teonex ® has a reduced shrinkage of only 0,4 ... 1,0% (150°C/30 min, depending on thickness)
    Teonex ® has outstanding dielectric strength up to 300kV/mm (25 millimicron)
    Teonex ® has an excellent mechanical stability, even at high temperatures
    Teonex ® is available in thicknesses of 25 millimicrons and 50 millimicrons (on request also   other thicknesses)

With Teonex as an basic isolation one can can rig up ul-class F insulation systems easily (155°C continuous operating temperature). Adhesive tapes such as CMC 61100 or CMC 61200 therefore offer the opportunity to accommodate increased requirements, without having to use a massively overqualified and by association expensive Kapton® foil.

Because of the lower vapor and gas permeability and chemical resistance the foil is applied in many industry sectors.

CMC Klebetechnik delivers adhesive foil tapes made from Teonex®, laminates, die-cut parts and rolls.

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