Automatic adhesive tape and label dispenser

CMC 55106
CMC Klebebandspender CMC 55106
CMC 41010
Etikettenspender CMC 41010 von CMC Klebetechnik
CMC 55105
Von CMC Klebetechnik der Etiekttenspender CMC 55105
CMC 55115
Abroller für Klebebänder CMC 55115 von CMC Klebetechnik
CMC 55116
Etikettenspender CMC 55116

These automatic tape and label dispensers are designed to provide dependable continuous performance in demanding environments. Due to the automatic actuated feed mechanism a significant advantage can result in working steps were tapes or labels are continuously used.


CMC 55106CMC 55115, CMC 55105, CMC 55116, CMC 41010


CMC 55106CMC 55115, CMC 55105, CMC 55116, CMC 41010

Extension for CMC 55115 and all Tape dispenser

CMC 55111 with automatic dispenser
CMC 55111 with automatic dispenser

This extension is very helpful when adhesive tapes are used with an additional liner. The (paper- or film-)liner is pulled off automatically.

Mechanical desktop tape dispenser

Simple and solid desktop tape dispenser with very sharp knife. In three versions for 50 mm or two rolls of max. 25 mm or for three rolls of max 25 mm width.

Application of the dispensers: fixing of insulation windings on toroidal core transformers, cover-up for segments which shall not be painted or cutting of protective film parts for displays or other devices elementary handling, robust assembly for industrial use and a long operating life ensure an optimal price performance ratio.

The tape dispensers are designed to be very universal. Still, it always comes back to situations where the material is e.g. very narrow and unstable or has a strong removal from the roll. If in doubt you can send us a roll of the material to be dispensed - we check for free the suitability of the devices.

Type CMCOperating width Max. roll diameter Description Price/?
41010  10-70 mm 130 mmAll kind of label and die-cut shapes on request


1x  5-50 mm
2x  5-25 mm
3x  5-25 mm

130 mmAll-purpose dispenser with sharp knife


551053-25 mm130 mmsemi-automatic dispenser, two workers simultaneous use possibleon request
55106 8-50 mm  130 mmAutomatic electrical dispenser, length of tape segments: 30mm-990mm  on request

1x 6-50 mm 
2x 6-22 mm 

300 mmReplaced by CMC 55115on request
551115-45 mm190 mmExtension for CMC 55115 and all tape dispenser to pull of the liner automatically195,00


1x 6-50 mm
2x 6-25 mm
300 mmautomatic dispenser we possibility of use of two different rolls at the same time, length of tape segments: 5mm-990mmon request


5-170 mm

250 mmAll kind of label and die-cut shapes

on request

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