Customer specific services

CMC Klebetechnik has access to all abilities of the incorporated companies of the CMC group.

These are in detail of the material converting possibilities:

Slitting of rolls from "master"-rolls

  • the rolls can be cut to 2 mm up to original width in 0,1 mm steps
  • the length of the rolls depends on the width and thickness of the material and can be between 5 m and 2000 m with max. 350 mm outer diameter
  • tolerance in length is 5%, in width +- 0,2 mm (if necessary is 0,05 mm possible with additional costs)
  • usually 3" paper-cores are used, it is also possible to use white PP-cores and neutral cores

Formatting of materials

Machine 1

  • sheets with a maximum width 1.500 mm, length 1.300 mm, minimum on request
  • tolerance +- 0,4 mm (less tolerance is possible on request)

Machine 2

  • Lamination of max. three materials together before sheeting
  • sheets with a maximum width 1.540 mm, length 1.550 mm, minimum on request
  • tolerance +- 0,2 mm (less tolerance is possible on request)

Die-cutting or kiss-cutting

  • several machines for flat die-cutting of parts from 4 mm diameter up to 450 x 609 mm
  • several machines can print and laminate in the same process as die-cutting
  • tolerance usually +- 0,3 mm (less tolerance is possible depending on tool used)
  • minimum order qty. 500 pcs.; 3D-shapes are possible but depend on the quantity.

Rotative cutting machine for printing, lamination and die-cutting of large qty. orders
Price for "simple" tools starts at around 150 EUR (tolerance +- 0,3 mm; up to some 10.000 parts) and can reach over 1.000 EUR for complex cutting tools with less than 0,1 mm tolerance or if large qties. Are needed or thick and hard materials have to be kiss-cut.

We can coat materials from 300 mm to 1.900 mm with solvent-based or water-based coatings from approx. 10µm to 60µm thickness. It is possible to laminate the coated material together with either siliconized paper/film or another product (e.g. lamination of PEEK-film with a metal-film

Renting of coating machine, contract coating
We offer customers the possibility to rent our coating machines on a hourly basis. Included are all necessary elements such as operators, additional materials and quality control.

We offer the ability to define together with the customer a specification sheet. This is the initial paper for the development of tailor-made coatings.

For further information please contact:

Gerald Friederici, tel. 0049/6233 872 356; fax 0049/6233 872 390;

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