Customer Specific Die-Cut Parts

CMC manufactures technical adhesive tapes to fit to the customer demands. We have several different coating machines that comply to the industrial needs.

Beside this coating capability we also have available all kinds of tools for die-cut and stamped parts. Our production process allows us to make quantities from 500 to 50 million pieces.

We process almost each foil-like material demanded by the customer. The tools are manufactured by experienced partners and guarantee cost saving with high endurance  and low maintenance. Tests after the single production steps guarantee you an even  standard of quality with each delivery.

We provide our customers with the best technical support possible after more than 25 years of experience.

Tailor cut punched parts made of all foils and laminates

  • e.g. for EMC/RFI shielding of system-unit covers with (partly-)insulated metal-foils
  • stamped, printed, with folding lines
  • customer supplied foils
  • with sliced paper-liner for easy removing of the liner
  • on rolls or as single parts
  • ready-made on customer demand
  • also small quantities are possible
  • e.g. with fastened wire

Type of cutting:

Flatbed Die Cutting - non continues die-cuting process

Rotary Die Cutting - high speed converting with tight tolerances designed tools to meet exacting standards.


  • for low quantities and not too high need of accuracy (+- 0,2 mm) steel rule dies are used. Usually this tools cost between 100 - 600 EUR so it is possible to produce small quantities starting with even only e.g. 500 parts.
  • for larger quantities other kind of tools are used (e.g. rotary dies). This tools can have much better accuracy but have an exceeding price.
Die-Cuts made of more than 100 different materials for the industry
Sample of Graphite-film, selfadhesive for thermal management in an electronic application
Kundenspezifische Stanzteile von CMC, zum Beispiel Graphitfolie selbstklebend
Different kind of shapes from 100 to several million parts per year are possible
Kundenspezifische Stanzteile und Formteile für die Industrie von CMC Klebetechnik
copper or aluminium die-cuts, often with e.g. insualtions used for EMC-applications
From small to large - we produce 3,2 x 3,2 mm up to more than 1,5 x 1,5 meters.
3D-shaped parts are also possible by bending
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