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CMC Klebetechnik site in Frankenthal, Germany

CMC Klebetechnik GmbH is a medium-sized company who has specialized in customer- and application-specific coating solutions.

The focus of activity is the coating of foil-like products with functional and adhesive coatings.

The Klebetechnik GmbH and the production company Colorit GmbH have existed since the 50s and have consistently developed further their competence and technical equipment during this time.In our own development laboratory we develop innovative adhesive formulations suitable for applications e.g. in the electrical engineering, the aviation and automobile industry as well as for other industrial sectors.

Based on many years of experience in application and technology our experienced and competent experts develop individual solutions together with you - even on site.On several different coating systems that meet the latest environmental standards a wide variety of foil-like materials are coated with functional surfaces. And if something does not fit we offer customized solutions for our customers’ needs. This also applies to the possibilities for formatting, cutting and punching. Approximately 100 employees work on a plot area of about 25.000m² at the Frankenthal location in the Palatinate. The total volume of sales is approx. 12 Mio. Euro per year.

Our suppliers are also important partners for us. They are well-known manufacturers such as Du Pont, BASF, Mitsubishi and Bayer but also a number of smaller specialists.

Since 1995 Klebetechnik and Colorit have been certified according to ISO 9001, and since 2000 also according to ISO 14001. Many of our standard adhesive tapes are UL listed and registered in the IMDS system of the automobile industry. All adhesive tapes comply with the RoHS regulation and are therefore not subject to any restriction.

Our maxim

  • top quality 
  • high flexibility
  •  responsible consulting
  •  constructive support
  •  adherence to delivery dates
  •  short delivery times
  •  fair price/performance ratio
  •  customer-specific production 

Simply to reduce an adhesive tape to the price per square meter and then compare between suppliers A and B fails to meet the service of CMC Klebetechnik.

In contrast to many converters (dealers) with a very wide range of products from different manufacturers and product features, CMC Klebetechnik only rely on self-produced adhesive tapes. By this in-house production there is a large background knowledge about foils and adhesives used available which the experienced staff can optimally apply for  the solution of customer requirements.

CMC Klebetechnik do not only focus attention on the adhesive tape in their offer, but furthermore provide consulting and customer-specific developments.Therefore, a tape from  CMC Klebetechnik is not just an interchangeable product where only the price matters.Adapted system solutions and a good range of services reduce the “Total cost of ownership”. A perfectly selected product helps to save costs in procurement (e.g. availability of required design), assembly (reduced production time) and service in the field (lower follow-up costs by great longevity).

CMC Klebetechnik has been well established in various markets and is continuously extending its position.

CMC Klebetechnik has access to all abilities of the incorporated companies of the CMC group.

Technical Equipment:

Cutting of rolls from "jumbo"-rolls
the rolls can be cut to 2 mm up to original width in 0,1 mm steps
the length of the rolls depends on the width and thickness of the material and can be between 5 m and 2000 m with max. 350 mm outer diameter
tolerance in length is 5%, in width +- 0,2 mm (if necessary is 0,05 mm possible with additional costs)
usually 3" paper-cores are used, it is also possible to use white PP-cores and neutral cores

Formatting of materials

Machine 1:

sheets with a maximum width 1.500 mm, length 1.300 mm, minimum on request
tolerance +- 0,4 mm (less tolerance is possible on request)
lamination of max. three materials together before sheeting

Machine 2:

sheets with a maximum width 1.540 mm, length 1.550 mm, minimum on request
tolerance +- 0,2 mm (less tolerance is possible on request)

several machines for flat die-cutting of parts from 4 mm diameter up to 450 x 609 mm
several machines can print and laminate in the same process as die-cutting
tolerance usually +- 0,3 mm (less tolerance is possible depending on tool used)
minimum order qty. 500 pcs.; 3D-shapes are possible but depend on the quantity.
Rotative cutting machine for printing, lamination and die-cutting of large qty. orders

Price for "simple" tools starts at around 150 EUR (tolerance +- 0,3 mm; up to some 10.000 parts) and can reach over 1.000 EUR for complex cutting tools with less than 0,1 mm tolerance or if large qties. Are needed or thick and hard materials have to be kiss-cut.
We can coat materials from 300 mm to 1.900 mm with solvent-based or water-based coatings from approx. 10µm to 60µm thickness. It is possible to laminate the coated material together with either siliconized paper/film or another product (e.g. lamination of PEEK-film with a metal-film)
Renting of coating machine
We offer customers the possibility to rent our coating machines on a hourly basis. Included are all necessary elements such as operators, additional materials and quality control.

We offer the ability to define together with the customer a specification sheet. This is the initial paper for the development of tailor-made coatings.

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