04. February 2016
[Translate to englisch:] Gehäusebestandteile aus Formex

Today more than ever, manufacturers and users of power supplies see themselves faced with requirements that are beyond the pure electronic circuit. Shortened clearance and creepage, heat accumulation and electromagnetic compatibility are effects of the task to become more compact..  [more ...]

28. October 2014
[Translate to englisch:] Wärmemanagement von LION-Battery-Packs

Electric vehicles are still a rarity on German roads. But this is about to change considerably in the coming years. Important for the acceptance of such vehicles are the distance one can drive and the price. A decisive factor is the service life of the inserted battery.  [more ...]

19. November 2013
Self adhesive copper tapes from CMC

Space saving, self adhesive - power supply lines made with copper adhesive tapes  [more ...]

10. October 2013

CMC at the Labelexpo 2013  [more ...]

02. February 2013

Kapton® - tapes from -196K to 600K  [more ...]

21. January 2013

How to make silicones self-adhesive  [more ...]

18. January 2010

The fifth building material - ETFE  [more ...]

20. August 2012

Formula Student Sponsoring by CMC  [more ...]

19. July 2012

Double life - thermal management for cool electronics  [more ...]

02. March 2012

Class and not Mass - spezialized coatings from CMC  [more ...]

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