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Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 4
67227 Frankenthal
Tel. 06233/872-300

Purchase department of the Colorit

Purchase Manager

Beatrice Thomas
Tel.: 06233/872-311
Mail: thomas (at)

Assistant to the Purchasing Manager

Anneliese Schwalb
Tel.: 06233/872-310
Mail: schwalb (at)

Full scale development for customized solutions

In our R&D department are five specialist working on customers projects and continuouse product improvment.

Entwickungsabteilung der Colorit

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Chem.
Michael Renken, MSc
Tel.: 06233/872-320
Mail: renken (at)

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Chem.
Stefan Altenschmidt, MSc
Tel.: 06233/872-325
Mail: altenschmidt (at)


All measurements are done regarding international standrads such as IEC, ASTM, FINAT, MIL, EN oder similar. A complete set of laboratory apparatus allow an efficient support of cutomers.

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