UL-recognized tapes from CMC Klebetechnik

TypeThickness (foil) in mmlinercolor
CMC 101600,023Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.yellow
CMC 102600,023Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.beige
CMC 103000,023Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.yellow
CMC 109660,023Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transp.,yellow,brown,blue,
CMC 117630,030shrinkable Polyesterfoiltransparent
CMC 117660,030shirnkable Polyesterfoiltransparent
CMC 161000,060Polyesterfoil / Polyestervlieswhite
CMC 167000,140Polyesterfoil / Polyestervlieswhite
CMC 167010,140PET/PET-Vlies (Acrylic Adhesive)white
CMC 177130,140glasgloth-Polyesterlaminatwhite
CMC 181000,220Polyesterfoil / Krepp-Papierbeige
CMC 181020,220PET/Crepped Paper (Acrylic Adhesive)beige
CMC 351600,160Acetatseidengewebewhite
CMC 38181*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38182*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38190*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38191*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38193*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38194*)Polyesterfoil, Iso-sys.transparent
CMC 38281*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38282*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38290*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38291*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38293*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38294*)Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 38381*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 38382*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 38390*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 38391*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 38393*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 38394*)Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 651200,050Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 651210,080Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 651220,130Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 651230,180Nomex 410, Iso-sys.white
CMC 657720,050Aramid-Papierwhite
CMC 701000,025Kapton HN, Iso-sysbrown
CMC 701050,050Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 701100,025Kapton HN, Iso-sys.brown
CMC 841500,120glass clothwhite
CMC 841700,120glass clothwhite

Iso-sys. = prepaired for insulation systems
*) = depends on the thickness of the copper and the insulation material

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