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Universal use in all industrial sectors

Our adhesive tapes are characterized by several advantageous properties. This means that technical adhesive tapes can be used almost anywhere. A typical application of our insulating adhesive tapes is electrical engineering. However, due to their properties, many adhesive tapes can also be used in other industries. Therefore, the following selection of applications for adhesive tapes is only exemplary and by no means a reflection of all possible adhesive tape applications.

Articles on possible applications of our products can be found here:  Application technology

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 Advantages of using adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes from CMC Klebetechnik

  • offer immediate adhesion that is easy to install

  • can be easily dispensed in the required manner

  • have a consistent thickness

  • are often easy to dispense (label dispenser)

  • can be adapted to required geometries in the form of die-cut parts

  • compensate for slight unevenness thanks to the adhesive

  • dampen mechanical and acoustic vibrations

  • sealing

  • can have a signaling effect

  • are available in transparent, colored and opaque black 

  • can be used at very low and very high temperatures

  • serve as fire barrier or electrical insulation

  • hold, join and strengthen components and structures

  • are less stressful than e.g. welding, riveting, screwing

  • they join very different materials on both sides

  • can also be electrically or thermally conductive

Other applications of adhesive tapes:

Adhesive tapes are used in almost all industries:

  • Adhesive tapes for medical technology (not only wound plasters...) 

  • Devices for smart home and smart city (intelligent controls, building installation, street lighting...) 

  • Adhesive Tapes for Energy Supply (Smart Grid.....) 

  • Adhesive tapes for electrical machines (motors and generators....)  

  • Adhesive tapes in power transmission technology (cable coupling tape, cable tape...)  

  • Adhesive tapes for the packaging industry (void-sealing tapes...)  

  • Adhesive tapes for label production (high temperature resistant marking of printed circuit boards...) 

  • Adhesive tapes for metal processing industry (metal foil adhesive tapes....)  

  • Adhesive tapes used in wind energy (erosion protection....) 

  • Adhesive tapes for food manufacturing processes (splicing adhesive tape for Teflon conveyor belts...)  

  • Adhesive tapes used in the paint industry (paint tapes....) 

  • Adhesive tapes used in the footwear industry (inner sole fastening....)  

  • Adhesive tapes for aviation and aerospace 

  • Adhesive tapes used in shipbuilding, for structures on water (anti-corrosion adhesive tapes....) 

  • Adhesive tapes are also used in agriculture (agricultural industry)  

  • Adhesive tapes for automation  

  • Special adhesive tapes for the chemical industry (Teflon adhesive tape, heat-resistant glass fabric adhesive tape.....) 

  • Adhesive tapes for surface protection (polyurethane films....) 

  • Adhesive tapes for office use ("Tesa adhesive tape"....) 

  • Plate adhesive tapes for the printing industry

  • Kapton© adhesive tapes are also popular in the manufacture of battery packs for electric bicycles, for example. Prismatic or round cells are bundled with the help of the adhesive tape. Insulating adhesive tapes made of Kapton© are also used to insulate contact lugs on lithium-ion batteries.