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Quality and environmental policy

cmc Klebetechnik GmbH


We see the fulfillment of customer requirements by our production and trading company as the top priority of our activities. Only the satisfaction of our customers secures our jobs and our customers their market acceptance.

In order to achieve these goals, secure them in the long term and continuously improve them, we pursue a zero-defect strategy and have established an integrated management system in which we see responsibility for

  • the quality of our products and services

  • compliance with environmentally relevant laws and labor regulations.

From this, we formulate the guidelines for our quality and environmental policy:


We stand by our customers as an efficient, technically competent and reliable partner. Through partnership in development, we offer our customers specific solutions for their applications. In doing so, we pay attention to resource-saving production processes and the environmentally compatible selection of input materials.

The customer sets the standard for our quality. It is the declared goal of all employees at CMC Klebetechnik to manufacture products that meet customer expectations and demands in terms of functionality, performance and service.


All employees bear responsibility for the quality of our products at their workplaces. Our employees are the basis of our success, which is why we attach great importance to their identification with our company. Targeted further training contributes to the technological development of the company.

For us, environmental protection is a management task that must be supported by all employees. We achieve this through active information and communication as well as performance-related remuneration.


Long-standing partnerships characterize our supplier relationships. When developing new applications and products, we strive for close cooperation with our suppliers. In doing so, we ensure that our suppliers also meet the legal and social requirements.


In addition to complying with legal requirements and regulations, it is a matter of course for us as a chemical company to produce in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. Technologically sophisticated manufacturing processes enable us to reduce production-related waste to a minimum.


The sustainable protection of our environment requires us to pay simultaneous attention to economic and ecological aspects. In the application of processes, we therefore strive for the continuous improvement of environmental compatibility. Raw materials, auxiliary materials, energy, water and other goods are used as sparingly as possible. Residual materials and waste are, if possible, returned to the production process or recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. At the same time, occupational safety and health care are central components of our environmental activities.


Our objective is not only to maintain our market position but to expand it in order to generate a sufficient profit and thus contribute to the satisfaction of all employees and the company owners. Therefore, we promote entrepreneurial thinking at all levels in order to be able to act profit-consciously and market-oriented.

We are committed to ensuring that our products and their manufacturing processes meet or exceed customer requirements and the legal framework, and to continuously improving the impact of our actions on the environment. The implementation of this quality and environmental policy and the achievement of the defined goals are the responsibility of every employee.