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IMDS entries

International material data system

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The International Material Data System (IMDS for short) dates back to 2001 and is used by 35 car manufacturers and over 120,000 suppliers to the automotive industry. Thanks to this networking, it is now possible to assign the chemical composition of all assemblies and components over the entire life cycle of a vehicle, right through to disposal and preferably recycling (End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance). The IMDS is based on the globally valid Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).

CMC Klebetechnik naturally provides such data for films and adhesive tapes as well as for die-cut parts in the IMDS system if required. We need your company ID in IMDS and, if applicable, your internal designation for our CMC type / article number, if this is required for your internal allocation.

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