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CMC Klebetechnik GmbH specializes in customer and application-specific solutions. The focus of the activity is the coating of film-like products with functional and adhesive coatings.

Film coating

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Own development department

As an experienced development partner, we support our customers in implementing new product requirements, product modifications or new developments. We offer you extensive possibilities to realize customer-specific solutions.

and development


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Our coating systems

CMC Klebetechnik is an efficient, competent partner in the design and implementation of customized coating solutions. We understand your requirements and translate them professionally into products and processes.

and water-based adhesive systems

up to 1.50 and 1.90 m

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Gluing information

Learn more about the adhesive types used here: Acrylic, Polysiloxane, Rubber, Heat Seal, HotMelt adhesives. As well as about the basics of the adhesive capacity of an adhesive tape and about the load types of a bonding.


and adhesion

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Our cutting department is equipped with a variety of different cutting machines. Depending on material, roll length, cutting width and quantity, different cutting techniques are used. For standard materials, there is many years of processing experience.

1 mm to 1,500 mm width

from 5 m to 2,500 m

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Sheet format

In cutting, the web-shaped roll goods are converted to a customer-specific format (sheets) and no longer wound up. Slitting thus also forms the transition to the production of individual die-cut parts and labels.

format size 2.500 x 2.000 mm

up to 5 mm

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Stamped parts

We manufacture customer-specific solutions on various die-cutting machines. We use our own materials or films, fabrics or nonwovens specified by the customer. The die-cut parts can also be equipped with a self-adhesive finish.

or non-adhesive

roll or single parts

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