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On this page you will find an extensive collection of data sheets for our adhesive tape products in the standard range. We only use high-quality raw materials mainly from large, internationally active companies such as DuPont, Mitsubishi, BASF or Henkel. If you cannot find a data sheet here, please contact our customer advisors directly.

The nomenclature for our technical adhesive tapes is based on the carrier materials, which are mostly also the main function (electrically insulating, mechanical strength, marking, etc.).

CMC type designations - base foil: 

  • CMC 10xxx/12xxx=Polyester

  • CMC 61xxx=PEN

  • CMC 65xxx=Nomex

  • CMC 70xxx=Kapton

  • CMC 75xxx=PTFE

  • CMC 90xxx=aluminum foil

  • CMC 91xxx=copper foil  

 Further data sheets for special adhesive tapes on request.  

 You can find information about the basic foils here.   

      It may happen that none of the standard solutions is suitable for certain applications. Since we as CMC Klebetechnik are ourselves manufacturers of the adhesive tapes, modifications can easily be made. For example, in many cases the adhesive thickness can be varied between approx. 10 µm and approx. 70 µm. Different adhesives can also be coated onto a defined substrate (e.g. Kapton® polyimide film with polysiloxane adhesive, acrylate adhesive or a heat-activated adhesive).

      In principle, almost all adhesive tapes can be cut in widths from 3 mm to 500 mm. The graduation is 1/10 mm, the accuracy +- 3/10 mm. For special applications, adhesive tapes from 0.8 mm to 1,500 mm width can be supplied.

      If no suitable solution for your application can be found in the standard range of adhesive tapes, even with modifications, we can also carry out customer-specific developments from a requirement of approx. 1,000 m² - contact us!