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Adhesive tape dispenser and label dispenser

Automated belt dispensers for the industry

Adhesive tape dispensers and label dispensers are excellent tools for semi-automating repetitive gluing tasks. Thanks to the freely adjustable dispensing length and the programmability of a number of devices, integration into workstations is possible in a variety of ways. The advantages of our adhesive tape and label dispensers include time savings, precise dispensing without losses, no soiling due to "prepared adhesive strips on the edge of the table", automated counting and dimensional accuracy.

The robust adhesive tape dispensers (tape dispensers) and label dispensers are designed to be very universal. Nevertheless, there are always situations in which the material is very narrow or unstable, for example.

more about the use of adhesive tape dispensers here

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Your service at CMC:

  • Personal contact and technical advice
    (also for online orders via our Store)

  • Repair and spare parts service

  • Test 14 days free of charge

  • We test the suitability of the devices for you free of charge with your sample material

  • Individual modifications and special solutions possible

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You are welcome to send us a roll of the material to be dispensed - we will check the suitability of the adhesive tape dispenser / label dispenser for you free of charge.

Technical support

Patrick Süß

If you have any questions, please contact our technical advisory service:

Patrick Süß

Phone: 06233 872 359

E-Mail: suess (at) cmc.de

Our adhesive tape dispensers and label dispensers:

Special solutions and accessories:

We offer special solutions and accessories for integrating adhesive tape dispensers or label dispensers into your systems and processes, including automated removal of adhesive tape strips.

It is possible, for example, to modify the device so that the adhesive tape is dispensed with the adhesive side facing upwards.

Other special solutions and accessories for tape dispensers and label dispensers include large industrial tape dispensers or friction pre-feeders for adhesive tapes with very high pull-off force.

We can modify devices specifically for your material, e.g. special rollers, reinforced motor, etc. A wide range of accessories is also available for the devices, e.g. separate device and roll holders for tilting the devices, holding rolls with a large outer diameter, winding devices for any liners/covers.

Specially designed solutions for customer-specific materials and processes are also available on request.

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