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Electromobility - E-Mobility

Technical adhesive tapes for e-mobility

Due to the significantly higher voltage level in electric vehicles, the requirements for technical adhesive tapes differ in some cases considerably compared to 12/24 VDC. In addition, new applications such as electric air-conditioning compressors or drive motors are emerging.

For many applications in hybrid or fully electric vehicles, CMC Klebetechnik offers specific products that ensure safety, durability and function. We support you in the selection of the right materials.

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Produkte für die Elektromobilität - E-Mobilität

Products for use in high-voltage batteries

  • CMC 10160, thin, stress-resistant polyester adhesive tape for electrical insulation between individual battery cells. Hardly wears, is very resistant to aging and has good tracking resistance.

  • CMC 70791, robust, highly stress-resistant and thermally conductive Kapton® film. Can also be used for high temperatures. The polyimide film is fire-retardant according to UL 94 VTM-0 and has high performance reserves even in the event of a fault (e.g. fire).

  • CMC 27805, Formex® polypropylene film with 127µm material thickness, flame retardant according to UL94 V-0 with excellent tracking resistance, very low water absorption and very good electrical values. Can be well die-cut and folded, allowing 3D parts. Also available in other film thicknesses. Used to knock out entire battery boxes, but also as interlayer insulation in battery packs. Prevents fire from spreading too quickly while being lightweight and inexpensive.

  • CMC 65121, Nomex® meta-aramid paper for thermal insulation. Very low thermal conductivity combined with good electrical insulation and high temperature resistance. Easy to process, good also as cold insulation of whole battery packs. Like Kapton® and Formex®, Nomex is UL94 V-0 fire retardant classified.

  • CMC 80782, metallized, thermally bonded PA fleece with very good EMC shielding properties. The nonwoven is very light, but offers shielding performance comparable to that of copper foils. Self-adhesive equipped with an electrically conductive adhesive or as an insert in sandwich materials of the lightweight construction of battery housings. For the protection of electronic components against interference frequencies and as protection against interference emissions, e.g. frequency converters with PWM.

  • Double-sided adhesive tape for fixing assemblies, for thermal connection of heat sources to a heat sink, sealing in the area of the cover, fixing of sensor lines and damping of vibrations

  • CMC 86719, Glass thread reinforced polyester adhesive tape for bundling whole battery packs. Extremely tear resistant and chemical resistant.

  • CMC 70300, Special Kapton® CR film for very high resistance to partial discharges. At voltages above 500 V, glow discharges can destroy polymer insulations. Kapton® CR resists partial discharge considerably longer than other, common insulation films and thus ensures long-term function and safety in the high-voltage circuit.

  • Printable label film with various adhesive coatings for marking. If required, for example, highly thermally resistant, adhesive also on repellent surfaces (LSE) or as multilayer for multiple coatings. Usually as a customized version suitable for the specific application.

  • CMC 10260, thin polyester adhesive tape for sealing edges of pouch cells. The tape is shear resistant and is used to reduce the outer mass of pouch cells by taping around the sealed battery pocket and to give the cell additional dimensional stability.

  • Thermally conductive silicone films and gap fillers for passive thermal management of battery and battery management electronics. Tolerance-compensating, vibration-damping and electrically insulating. Efficiently and quickly distributes heat into the cold battery or effectively transfers lost heat to the cooling system. Fast, unproblematic installation due to prefabricated molding, also available as self-adhesive.