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Adhesive tapes for electrical engineering

electrically insulating adhesive tapes

Here you will find some products as well as technical articles on the subject of adhesive tapes for electrical engineering / electrically insulating adhesive tapes. Yourpersonal contact will be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable product for your application.

Almost all of our electrotechnical adhesive tapes are UL listed or are manufactured with UL listed products (E93622). read more 

Your advantage: Regular quality audits by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) at the manufacturers ensure independent production control. Based on high-quality insulation films from manufacturers such as DuPont, Mitsubishi, Victrex or Nowofol, we offer a wide range of different insulation tapes. You can also find adhesive tapes based on metal foils and fabrics in our offer.

Films & tapes for different heat classes. Heat class E (120°C) to H (180°C).

Klebebänder für die Elektrotechnik / elektrisch isolierende Klebebänder
Kupfer Abschirmband

Copper shielding tape

Insulated copper tapes for shielding or as current conductors in transformers and coils, especially also for solar energy and hybrid drive technology (voltage transformers).

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Flammhemmende Isolation - FORMEX

Flame retardant insulation - FORMEX

CMC 278xx series - Flame retardant polypropylene (PP) insulation film FORMEX®, up to 115°C continuous operating temperature, especially suitable for 3D die-cut parts.

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