ZVEI Conference on E-Motors and Transformers

On January 29, 2020, the conference on electric motors and transformers took place in Fulda, Germany
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ZVEI Conference on E-Motors and Transformers
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Increasing energy density and efficiency: the right choice of materials makes it possible!

The demand for smaller, lighter and more efficient still applies to electric motors, transformers and generators! In addition to the design, the right material selection is essential for the continuous improvement of energy density and efficiency.

After an attractive preliminary program on the afternoon of January 18 with live disassembly and analysis of e-drive motors from e-vehicles and the presentation of the product and production-side roadmap for electric motors, the conference on January 19 will be devoted to current developments in four sessions. The series of lectures will start the topic with a look at energy efficiency and insulation systems in norms + standards. Requirements from e-mobility and industrial drive technology will be addressed as examples.

This is followed by a discussion of future challenges for insulation. These become clear when considering harmonics and transient stresses that put the insulation under stress. Stress leads to aging and this can be monitored - one of the presentations shows how. Increasing the voltage levels used in itself also leads to higher challenges, and the third session looks at this using the example of traction inverters, solid insulating materials and process-safe winding technology. The last session looks at various aspects of thermal management. Measuring, analyzing, as well as avoiding losses in the system increases performance and is the key to high device reliability and lifetime. 

The event will conclude with a brief summary and outlook for the near future from the perspective of the Electrical Winding & Insulation Systems trade association. 

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