Kaladex® - PEN film

As of August 2021, DuPont Teijin Films UK is again officially offering PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) films.

With over 30 years of experience in PEN film manufacturing and nearly 70 years of experience in polyester films (Mylar® and Melinex®), DuPont Teijin has built an outstanding variety of high-quality technical films in the engineering field. CMC Klebetechnik offers this high performance film alongside TEONEX® PEN films.

Kaladex® PEN has some significant advantages over PET films:

  • Higher glass transition temperature (121°C)

  • Higher continuous operating temperature (180°C electrical, 160°C mechanical)

  • Higher mechanical stiffness and tensile strength (6.7 GPa / 245 MPa)

  • Lower shrinkage when heated (0.6%@150°C)

  • Significantly higher hydrolysis resistance (7000 h versus 1000 h for PET)

  • Lower water vapor permeability 4 g/m²d)

Kaladex® - PEN-Folie

These improved properties position Kaladex® PEN between less expensive polyolefin films (PE, PP, PVC) and the high-performance films made of e.g. polyimide or PEEK. In all electrical engineering applications, this film can be used effortlessly up to thermal class F. It offers a combination of very good thermal conductivity and a high temperature resistance. It offers a combination of very good compatibility with materials used in electrical engineering, high dielectric strength with low material thickness and a very good price/performance ratio.

Another advantage of PEN films is their greater resistance to aging. At the usual operating temperatures in electronics, the loss of mechanical strength and reduction of breakdown voltage is significantly lower than with polyester films. As a result, the service life can be increased considerably. The lower shrinkage at higher temperatures also permits use as a substrate for printed circuits, for example.

For these reasons, Kaladex® PEN can be found in an increasing number of applications as insulation, as mechanically loadable substrates and, above all, in technological applications that are currently growing: for battery insulation in electric vehicles or as a subgasket in PEM fuel cells.

Kaladex® films are commercially available in the range of 16 - 125µm. However, other thicknesses are possible if required.

CMC Klebetechnik, as an independent coater of films, can offer PEN films in the usual thicknesses of 25µm, 50µm, 75µm and 100µm. The availability of the films is volatile and dependent on the two manufacturers Toyobo and DuPont Teijin.